Council 801

Meets Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday

Assembly 1223

Meets Every 1st Tuesday

Upcoming Events

Annual Campout
We will be hosting a campout at Curt Gowdy including steak dinner and mass.
August 3-5th, 2018

Monthly Steak Dinners
Every month except March, July, August, and December on the First Friday of the month at 5:30 PM. $13 per adult meal and $10 per children’s meal.


Previous Events

Fundraiser for LifeChoice Pregnancy Center Ultrasound 
We have successfully raised enough funds to purchase an ultrasound in association with the funding from National Knights of Columbus. This ultrasound machine has been purchased and dedicated for LifeChoice Pregnancy Center which women and families dealing with unintended pregnancies understand and work through their options. Thank you for you generous support. If you would like to learn more about LifeChoice, you can visit their website here

Ordination of Father Bryce Lungren and Father Clark Lenz
On June 8th Bishop Biegler ordained Clark Lenz and Bryce Lungren. Please join us in keeping the priests of the Diocese of Cheyenne in your prayers.